Summer Heats Up at Wisconsin International Raceway

Staging Lane

The Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association began a mid-summer tour with a stop at one of its favorite tracks, Wisconsin International Raceway. The well known Fox River Valley facility staged it’s Summer Nationals, where we were featured with wheelstanding Super Stocks, the Tuff Jet car, and the track’s IHRA bracket program. WIR is also unique, as it features a drag strip set at the base of a rolling hill, offering fans an overhead view of the action.


WIR’s staff greeted the teams of Bob Cattalino, Kelly Dill, Dan Manesis, Mike Morrill, Jim Parks, Josh Parks, Tyler Shenuk and Bob Unger. In addition, several of our members brought many friends and family members to WIR, including several first timers. We were thrilled that you spent the day with us and hope you’ll join us again.

After car prep and visiting with arriving fans, we enjoyed a hearty late afternoon meal of grilled delights courtesy of Allan, Dana, and Andrew Happakoski.


Now it was time to race. Josh Parks and Tyler Shenuk were the first pair, and the friendly rivalry was on once again. Both cut great lights with a slight advantage to Tyler, who maintained the lead throughout.


Next up was Mike Morrill in the beautiful “Iaconio & Allen” Monza. He matched up with good friend Bob “Night Moves” Cattelino. The performance of Mike’s car continues to improve, but Bob and his Camaro got the upper hand.


With his “Unger-Taker” Vega in the shop, Bob Unger brought his brother’s big block Camaro to WIR. Known as “Summer Hummer”, he ran Dan Manesis and the reborn Colt in Round 1. Manesis got the win light here.


Rounding out this stanza, fan favorites Kelly Dill and Jim Parks pulled into the box. A classic match in every way, both drivers left hard and straight with Parks’ Red Rat getting plenty of air under the front tires. Kelly’s pink Pinto crossed the finish line first by virtue of a quicker RT and faster back half speed, but Jim and the Vega made a race of it.


With two more sessions to go and a tight program, turning the cars around was priority. The setting sun signaled the call from the tower. Notable in this round was the marked performance improvement of Dan Manesis. Also, the  “Cheese Curd Wager”, a friendly bet  between Josh Parks and Tyler Shenuk was decided when Josh’s Nova broke traction early and Tyler powered his Pontiac through a solid run.


With the sun down, the lights came on. Then word came of severe thunderstorms set to roll into the area within an hour, so turnaround took on some added urgency.

Kicking the round off was Jim Parks and Tyler Shenuk. Tyler got a big jump on Jim, who went into a now signature wheelstand. Then Ty lost traction while Jim kept the red Vega hooked.

Josh Parks then went against Cattelino. The “Night Moves” car was first off the line, but it was over for Bob before the 1/8th mile marker as Josh went around him to make his best run of the night.

Dan Manesis figured he deserved a shot at Kelly Dill by virtue of his improved ET in Round 2. “Bring it!” she said, and Dan did, leaving Kelly behind with an uncharacteristic late start. With that Kelly poured on the coals and the Pinto stormed around the Colt for the win.

Bob Unger and Mike Morrill would close the evening, with Unger mugging Mike & the Monza on the tree. But Morrill would pass Bob before the 1/8 as the Summer Hummer Camaro began to slow. Win Light for Mike Morrill.

Here are some notable numbers.

Most Round Wins: Kelly Lynn Dill, 3 of 3.

Low ET: Kelly Lynn Dill, 8.3549,  Round 3.

Top Speed: Kelly Lynn Dill, 160.16 Round 3

Best Reaction Time: Tyler Shenuk, .0170 Round 2

Best Average RT: Tyler Shenuk, .0181

Closest Finish: Tyler Shenuk (.0196 Rt, 9.0471 ET, 148.68 MPH) over Josh Parks (.0333 RT, 9.0979 ET, 146.64 MPH), .065 MOV.



Winning cheese curds from Josh puts a smile on Tyler’s face.


Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies!



Thank You Allan, Dana and Andrew!


Thank you again to the staff at Wisconsin International Raceway for your exceptional professionalism and hospitality. And as always, a very special thanks to the fans that came out to see us race.


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The Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association contiues its summer tour and heads to Byron Dragway for  Summer Thunder on Saturday August 12, 2017.  Visit the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association webpage to view our full schedule, news, driver profiles, galleries and more. And please visit and  “Like” our Facebook Page for chat and the latest information.