Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association Opens 2018 Season


After a longer than anticipated off-season, it was with great anticipation that the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association gathered to start its fourth season at Great Lakes Dragaway’s  Nitrous Street Car Brawl.

Ten of our teams and the group’s support crew rolled into these historic grounds.

Bob Cattelino, Kelly Dill, Jerry Douglas, Hannah Fleischman, Dan Manesis, Mike Morrell, Jim Parks, Josh Parks, Tyler Shenuk and Arlee Williams III  made up the stout field.

None of what we do would be possible without the people that support the teams and group as a whole. Among the many individuals that work so hard to make this possible are Steve Fleischman, Margery Williams, Chaplain Russ Schappert, Lyle Frydenlund, and Stacey Manesis.

Hillbilly Racing’s Jesse Branham has a new jockey in the saddle of his Camaro. Jerry Douglas takes over, reportedly for the entire year. An experienced racer that demonstrated his skill throughout the day, Douglas is an excellent addition to Jesse’s team.

Another bit of interesting news is the increased role of Savannah Williams at Williams & Hanna’s “Doc” Holliday team. Savannah is the daughter of driver Arlee Williams III, and granddaughter of Margery and Arlee Williams Jr. In the pits she was learning car preparation under the guidance of Crew Chief Lamont Hanna and “Arlee 3”. And on track Rodney Daniels and Lamont showed her the intricacies of getting the driver lined up and into the beams. Will Savannah’s future include driving duties? Time will tell….

With car prep and a few test runs out of the way, the group paired up for the first side by side rounds of the 2018 season. All were clean and straight. Low ET of this round was Kelly Dill’s 8.341. Notable was Jim Parks run of 8.782, as the Red Rat ran straight and true after extensive off-season chassis work.

With a slight bump in the schedule, some pit trashing was taking place. No one was more hurried than Tyler Shenuk, but along with everyone else he made the call to the lanes.

With improving conditions, this round held promise for even better performances. It did not disappoint. Nearly every driver did so, with Arlee 3 finding new consistency with improved lights and ET, and Jim Parks and Tyler Shenuk glued side by side with Parks taking the win. However…..

….the run of the Round, actually the day, was Dan Manesis and Kelly Dill. Kelly and the Pink Pinto drilled the tree with an .006 RT, leaving Dan and the freshened Colt on the line. Dill held a sizable lead down the track, but by 1000′ Manesis was right with her and stormed by for the win. Dan Manesis: 7.869 at 180.75 MPH! to Kelly Dill’s 8.316 at 161.43. Wow!

With darkness approaching, GLD’s lights went on and the group was called to the lanes. Notable in this round was Arlee Williams .013 RT versus Jim Parks equally impressive .031. Unfortunately for Arlee he had to lift and Parks took the win with a great 8.732 ET.

Kelly wanted redemption over Dan Manesis and she got it. Nailing the tree (again) with a .013 RT, the ‘lil Cotton Pony crossed the stripe with a8.260 ET at 162.42 MPH when Manesis too lost traction.

Wrapping up the night was the resumption of the Josh Parks/Tyler Shenuk rivalry. Leaving first with a .009 RT and .018 in the bank, Parks took an early lead. But Tyler’s Firebird soon evened up and passed Josh just before the finish line. Shenuk 8.842 at 135.19 to Parks’ 8.939 at 150.25. A great way to cap the opening of the 2018 season for the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association.

We look forward to seeing you at our next race, the Memorial Day Classics at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI on May 26th and 27th. Be There!

We would like to congratulate Josh and Lynz Parks on the upcoming arrival of their first child. All the best from us and will see you two at the track with your little future racer later this season.