The Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association Brings the Thunder to Byron Dragway

Williams - Shenuk Round 1

Putting aside disappointment when inclement weather forced the cancellation of the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association’s debut at Byron Dragway’s Spring Nationals in May, the group instead looked enthusiastically forward to its next scheduled date with the iconic track on the Rock River, the 7th Annual Summer Thunder on August 13.

And it was worth the wait, as the weather more than cooperated and the Byron staff, it’s fans and fellow racers openly welcomed MNPSA to this special event. Thank you B.J. Vangsness, Randy Simpson and your entire staff for your professionalism and hospitality!

Series regulars Kelly Dill. Jim Parks, Tyler Shenuk and Arlee Williams III were joined by newcomers Sam Janik with his early Camaro,  Rod Hendrickson and his Buick Skyhawk, Michigan’s Sal & Al Petrulis with the “Lightning Colt” Dodge, and John Sylos, the new owner/driver of the Fasching-Brown Firebird.

After late morning test runs The Show began with first matchups taking place mid-afternoon.

Janik - Parks Round 1

The Camaros of Jim Parks and Sam Janik square off in Round 1. Parks and the Fred Gibb car had the quicker reaction time and took the win light with a 9.65 ET to Janik’s quicker 9.26.

Hendrickson - Petrulis Round 1

Rod Hendrickson’s Skyhawk is all Buick under the hood. Here he takes on Sal Petrulis and the Lightning Colt. Sal with the win light, 9.20 to Rod’s 9.43.

Dill - Sylos Round 1

John Sylos takes over the Firebird formerly owned by Chuck Weck.  Here he goes against Kelly Dill in the ‘lil Cotton Pony Pinto. Kelly crosses the finish line first with 8.40 ET.

Williams - Shenuk Round 1

Lamont Hanna & Arlee Williams Jr dropped a new Barton HEMI between the fenders of Arlee 3’s Doc Holliday Arrow. That gave him the steam to get by Tyler Shenuk’s Firebird with a 8.75 ET

Everyone brought out their A-game as the final pairings were run under Byron’s lights.

Shenuk - Parks Round 2

In what was the one of the closest races of the day, Tyler Sheuk had the advantage for several hundred feet until Jim Parks drove around him. Parks 9.68 at 137.50. Shenuk 9.80 at 137.15.

Janik - Petrulis Round 2

Both of Sam Janik and Sal Petrulis were looking to improve over their previous efforts. Petrulis stayed consistent, running a front tire dangling 9.23 at 142.85 and taking the win over Janik, who had problems early and ran 11.12 at 101.85.

Dill - Williams Round 2

This match-up was highly anticipated, and both Arlee Williams and Kelly Dill stepped up their performance accordingly. Taking it another level, Kelly clocked in the best reaction time of the day (.014), with an ET of 8.39 at 160.50 MPH to Williams 8.72 at 155.02.

Sylos - Hendrickson Round 2

Rod Hendrickson knew that John Sylos big inch Firebird would present a challenge, but he was ready to step up it up. Sylos was gaining confidence as he became more acclimated to his new car. Sylos thundered his Pontiac to low ET of the day, 8.00 with a speed of 161.21. Hendrickson gave Sylos a fight though, improving with a 8.83 at 155.94 MPH.

The Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association again thanks Byron Dragway, and our fans and supporters for allowing us the pleasure of racing for you.

Please join us at our next race, the Time Machine Nationals, Saturday & Sunday September 3rd & 4th at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.