The Midwest Nostalgia Prostock Association, LLC. was formed by Daniel Manesis in 2014.   Midwest Nostalgia Prostock home track is the legendary Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, Wisconsin.   Daniel has been powering down the Quarter mile here in various configurations; including running a Pro Stock locally. The Legendary Great Lakes Dragaway owners have always been very accommodating and appreciate working with us.  Midwest Nostalgia Prostock will have races at tracks in the Midwest to bring the extravaganza to the fans.  Check out the Midwest Nostalgia Prostock Association, LLC Race Schedule for details.

Our goal is to put on a great show for the fans, while having fun as a group.  We will pit together and encourage fans to stop in and meet each driver.  Like any sport, we need fans, and to build up a fan base we will go the extra mile to work with track owners and offer fans all we can, to encourage them to follow our group at the tracks we visit.  This is exhibition racing, and we will make every effort to offer good side by side racing.  All member racers will be dedicated to working as a group, with the goal of building a fan base, which will not only help our group, but bring much needed fans to the tracks we visit.

As a new group, we will encourage new potential members to try us out.  Our goal is to make this affordable, and let racers phase in their cars, over a period of time.  This in conjunction with working with a potential corporate sponsor, will insure our continued growth.

Midwest Nostalgia Prostock appreciate all vehicle owners, track owners and most of all “The Fans” for their support.